We are on a mission

Our mission is to support pet owners to better care for their pets by providing a reliable mobile platform to manage their pet’s day to day health effectively and efficiently.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most sought after and trusted pet app on the market to ensure pet owners and their pets live their best life.

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Our Philosophy

As a company we support local charities, as well as local businesses and only partner with brands we know, love and trust.

Our business was founded to forge meaningful relationships with Hong Kong pets owners and their pets and to become a fully present member of the Hong Kong pet community.

Our Story

As experienced veterinarians working in the industry for more than 20 years across four different countries, we often wondered how we could better help our patients and their owners.

A pet’s day to day habits are vital to understanding which direction the veterinarian should focus their efforts (and budget) when investigating a problem. During consultations, we realised the need for a pet’s information to be accessible on a single platform to ensure appropriate decisions can be made without delay.

We wanted to lead the way in helping pet owners, their pets, and future veterinarians – this is where the idea of Pets on tapp™ was created: a simple, easily accessible on-the-go pet data platform.

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Meet the Founders

Dr Tiffany Harries

BSc BVSc PgCertSciTech MRCVS (Veterinarian)

Dr Maiyanne Ben-David

BVMedSci BVM BVS MRCVS (Veterinarian)

Meet the Mascots

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Noodle the Poodle

Our dog mascot was inspired by a tiny toy poodle that was brought into the clinic to see Dr Tiffany. She had been found by her rescuers abandoned in a crate, weighing only 420g and suffering from low glucose levels.

As her rescuers were unable to provide appropriate care for her, she was adopted by Dr Tiffany. She turned out to be a fighter and after numerous health issues is now a healthy pup who enjoys zooming around Happy Valley.

Frank the Cat

Our cat mascot was inspired by a pure-white persian cross who was rescued as a stray in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Dr Tiffany nursed him back to health after arriving in a terrible condition, with a severely matted coat and a congenital eye problem.

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Giving back
to the charities we support

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Sai Kung Stray Friends

Funded by donations from local individuals and local companies, Sai Kung Stray Friends are a Hong Kong volunteer group who rescue abandoned, sick, injured and stray puppies/dogs, and extend the chance to fully recover through medical care, love and short-term sheltering until they find permanent families and homes.

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Paws United Charity

(PUC) is a non-profit, all-volunteer rescue organization established and registered in Hong Kong. Their core mission is to continue to improve the lives of animals in our community by promoting responsible pet ownership, humane treatment of animals and choosing adoption instead of purchase.