Boredom Stopper Lick Pad and Recipe Card

HKD $88.00

This uniquely textured lick pad is specially designed to keep your pet engaged and positively reinforced during less pleasant times such as cutting nails or to prevent boredom.

  1. Includes:
  2. 1x Lick Pad (155mm x 170mm)
  3. 1x Recipe Card created by Veterinarians

*THREE colours: Blue, Turquoise, Pink


The muti-textured interactive mat provides different sensations for your pet and has many benefits

  • Keeps your pet busy
  • Useful for training
  • Great way to alllow your pet to work for their meal
  • Can reduce anxiety and stress
  • Allows dogs to be distracted during uncomfortable situations such as bath time, cutting nails, brushing

Suction cups on the back allow it to stay in place when applied to a flat or shiney surface.

* A gentle reminder that toys should always be given under supervision. Toys should be checked for wear and tear on a regular basis and if found to be damaged removed from your pet.

  • With every purchase made in the Pet on tapp™ online shop a donation of a toy will be made to a cat or dog waiting for their forever home in a shelter.

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